Kamis, 22 Januari 2015

the benefits of clean air

Clean air now is very hard to get, particularly for those in cities such as Jakarta. The city's air has now been widely contaminated by different pollution from vehicle exhaust, factory smoke and other pollution. need for clean air and healthy into the needs of anyone, therefore desperately needed a tool that can generate clean air and healthy. Air Purifier is one of the tools that has the function of cleaning the air and produce a healthy air.

There are many other functions belonging to the Air Purifier. Here are some of the benefits of Water Purifier for health.

air purifier
Remove viruses and bacteria in the air
Retroscreen Virology (UK) has been conducting research using the method of test. research done by the virus in a box and enter the calculated amount of virus activity decreased after use of water purifier.

Eliminates unpleasant odors
The ability of water purifier in removing odor had escaped in a series of tests conducted by the Japan Spinners Inspecting Foundation. tests were conducted to determine the effectiveness of to eliminate odors by using the 6 levels of measurement of odor.

Reduce Mildew
Another ability of Air Purifier that is eradicating the fungus can be a source of disease. Ability in eradicating the fungus has been proven by the presence of tests conducted by the Japan Food Research Laboratories. Tests conducted by the method of Ion explosions and PCI in a room measuring 2.6 m3, mold grows on the PVC plate-ion concentration PCI 50,000 ions/cm3. And the results of the tests prove the amount and growth of mold can be reduced.

With the benefits of Air Purifier we will have clean air and healthy at home. Of course with this clean air will maintain health by eradicating viruses and germs that are flying in the air.

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